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Develop your People


Build a Stronger Workplace:
Custom HR Training Programs

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Building a Inclusive Workplace:
Community Guidelines Training

Having a respectful workplace matters. Establish clear expectations and prevent harmful behavior with this foundational training.

Participants will learn:

  • The Importance of Boundaries: Why personal, physical, mental, and emotional boundaries are essential for a healthy work environment.

  • Setting Clear Standards: Understanding community guidelines and professional conduct in physical and digital workspaces.

  • Preventing Inappropriate Behavior: Navigating potentially harmful situations and recognizing inappropriate boundary crossings.

  • Mandated Reporting: Your company's policies and procedures for reporting sexual harassment and other concerning behavior.


  • Foster a workplace where everyone feels safe and respected.

  • Minimize the risk of disruptive incidents and legal action.

  • Build a positive, collaborative company culture.


Title VII Training for Consent Decrees: Minimize Risk, Fulfill Obligations

Title VII violations and corrective actions disrupt your business and damage your reputation. Minimize risk with our expert compliance support.

Services Offered:

  • Compliance Assessment: We pinpoint risks in your current policies and practices to help you proactively address vulnerabilities.

  • Corrective Action Support: If you face corrective actions, we help you understand the requirements and develop a swift response plan.

  • Customized Training: Targeted programs designed to educate your team on Title VII, prevent future violations, and create a discrimination-free culture.


  • Protect your company from costly fines and legal action.

  • Build a workplace where everyone feels respected and safe.

  • Enhance your reputation as a responsible employer.

Ready to safeguard your company?

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Workplace Investigations:
A Step-by-Step Guide for HR

Ensure legally sound and fair workplace investigations with this comprehensive course. Gain the skills to handle complex cases, from intake to resolution, confidently.

You will learn:

  • Investigation Best Practices: Follow a proven process to meticulously plan, document, and execute every step.

  • Effective Interview Techniques: Develop strategies to build rapport, uncover essential information, and assess credibility.

  • Evidence Handling: Methods for properly collecting, analyzing, and preserving evidence.

  • Report Writing: Create clear, legally defensible reports that support fair outcomes.

  • Navigating Appeals: Understand the appeals process and prepare accordingly.


Expert-Led Title VII Training
+ 1-on-1 Training 

Title VII Consent Decree Training.
Understand Title VII obligations and minimize legal risk with our comprehensive training. Participants learn key discrimination laws, recognize potential violations, and gain tools to foster a respectful, discrimination-free workplace, including:

  • Confidently interpret consent decree requirements related to Title VII.

  • Train staff effectively on anti-discrimination laws and internal policies.

  • Implement proactive reporting systems to minimize risk.

    Check out the complete section on Title VII Consent Decrees

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Build a DEI Culture That Drives Success: Your Strategic Roadmap

Developing a DEI program that genuinely moves the needle takes more than a single workshop. VerkVibe partners with you to create a comprehensive and impactful strategy aligned with your company's vision. Our process includes:

  • Organizational Assessment: Identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for DEI growth.

  • Strategic Plan Development: Designing a customized DEI roadmap with clear goals and measurable outcomes.

  • Implementation Support: We guide every step, from policy creation to leadership training.

  • Ongoing Evaluation & Adjustment: Ensuring your DEI program evolves with your company's needs.

Outcomes You Can Expect:

  • Attracting and retaining diverse talent

  • Improving employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Fostering a culture of innovation and psychological safety

  • Enhancing your company's reputation as an inclusive employer

Ready to start building a DEI program with a lasting impact?
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