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Strategic & Competitive Insights
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Outsmart Your Competition With Big-League Insights (At a Fraction of the Cost)

In fast-moving markets, winning means more than knowing the competition – it's about unlocking insights to seize opportunities and mitigate risks. What if you could see the moves your competitors are planning, uncover market shifts they'll miss, and make bold decisions backed by data, not guesswork?

Stop feeling outmatched. Get Fortune 500 companies' data-driven strategies to stay ahead – without breaking the bank or hiring high-ticket employees.

The Problem We Solve

  • Are You Tired of…

    • Playing catch-up with larger, better-funded rivals?

    • Making business decisions based on gut feelings instead of real market data?

    • Missing out on growth because you can't see the opportunities your competition hides?

  • If you nod your head, you're not alone. But staying reactive will only get you pushed further behind.
    That's where we come in.

Fractional Competitive Insights & Strategy Officer

Think of us as your strategic secret weapon, combining market analysis and business acumen to ensure you're always one step ahead. We bring the cutting-edge tools, technology, and analysis Fortune 500 companies use tailored to your business goals. There are no full-time hires, just actionable insights for maximum impact.


How? Our Strategist will leverage cutting-edge technology, advanced analytics, and open-source intelligence gathering to provide proactive strategic insights to the executive team. They will identify and analyze external threats, uncover competitor weaknesses, and formulate winning strategies to solidify the company's market leadership position.

What are some deliverables you can expect?

  • Uncover Competitor Strategies: We reverse-engineer your rivals' moves, exposing their strengths to copy and weaknesses to exploit.

  • Identify Untapped Markets: Find underserved customers and overlooked niches, letting you become the disruptor, not the disrupted.

  • Forecast Industry Shifts: We stay ahead of emerging trends, ensuring your investments pay off before your competition notices.

  • Gain a Data-Driven Advantage: Say goodbye to guesswork. Our intelligence gives you the confidence to make bold, winning decisions.

  • Package 1: The Competitive Conquest Plan - (Ideal for launching new products/services) Includes competitor analysis, market niche identification, and go-to-market strategy refinement.

    • The Problem: You suspect your competitors have an edge but can't pinpoint it nor where you’re being outmaneuvered. We’ll find it and create the counteroffensive to neutralize it.

      • Deep-Dive Analysis: We’ll research either pricing strategies, online marketing channels, or customer retention tactics and provide insights.

      • "Battle Card" Cheat Sheet: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and how your product/service is a superior alternative.

      • The Counteroffensive: You’ll have bold moves based on data, forcing competitors to react.

  • Package 2: Disruption Defense - Proactive trend tracking, risk assessment, and developing contingency plans to stay agile amidst market changes.

    • The Problem: You’re experiencing stagnant growth and unsure where to focus your efforts.

      • The "Hidden Gems" & Future Report: Current and emerging niches within your industry that competitors underserve that are aligned with your organization’s strengths.

      • Horizon Scanning Report: Emerging trends relevant to your industry, ranked by likelihood of impact.

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