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Title VII Consent Decree

Getting you trained & complaint

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What is a
Consent Decree?

It's a legally binding agreement between the EEOC and the parties involved. This agreement outlines the steps the employer must take to resolve the complaint, including training plans, compensation for complainants, reporting requirements, and the EEOC's role in monitoring the employer's compliance.

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Consent Decree Requirements

Often require injunctive relief, monetary relief, anti-discrimination policy and dissemination, mandated training sessions for employees at different levels, and semi-annual reporting requirements to the EEOC, among other actions. Part of the consent decree may include incorporating an anti-discrimination policy and dissemination, which requires employers to modify or adopt policies and distribute them to all employees. Additionally, employers must provide mandated Title VII training to their employees, which can be intensive.

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Title VII Consent Decree
Mandated Training

Training covers how employees can report harassment, what procedures will occur during investigations, and the corrective action plans that will be taken. It also includes information on protected classes, prohibited discrimination and harassment, employer responsibilities, reporting procedures, and consequences for violating Title VII laws.


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