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Fractional Chief HR Executive

Sometimes, just having a mid-level HR manager or HR business partner is not enough to position your organization at the next level of growth. Hiring a Fractional Chief HR Officer (CHRO/CPO) unlocks an executive-level HR professional with a graduate degree (MBA/MS) and the highest HR credentials (SHRM-SCP/SPHR) on a part-time or project basis to transform your HR department or lead and manage the human resources function. A Fractional CHRO brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the organization that Fortune 500 utilize and can provide strategic HR leadership, guidance, and support without the cost of hiring a full-time executive.

In addition to their other duties, a Fractional CHRO is an advisor when conflicts arise between employers and employees. They provide valuable support and clarity to the parties involved, facilitating smooth day-to-day operations. 

Hiring an experienced HR executive on a part-time or project basis can provide tailored strategic leadership and guidance. A Fractional CHRO brings valuable skills and insights to help manage personnel matters and optimize recruitment efforts, which can help drive your organization forward.

Here are some high-end services a Fractional CHRO can bring to your organization, along with the breadth and depth of their knowledge and skills:

From Good HR to Exceptional Service

When unexpected HR leadership changes strike, don't let your growing company grind to a halt. Our experienced CHROs step in with the expertise to tackle both day-to-day HR operations and strategic projects, including:

  • Maintain Stability: Keep essential functions running smoothly during transitions or absences.

  • Navigating Challenges: Get guidance on compliance, performance management, talent acquisition, and more.

  • Strategic Support: Ensure your HR systems and policies are scaling effectively with your growth.

Why a Fractional CHRO?

  • Secure seasoned HR leadership without the commitment of a full-time hire.

  • Bridge gaps without disrupting team morale or ongoing initiatives.

  • Gain an outside perspective to identify areas for long-term HR improvement.


Boost Performance and Retention with a Thriving Workplace Culture with an ROI

We understand that engaged employees fuel your company's success. Your Fractional CHRO becomes a strategic partner in:

  • Boosting Morale: Develop targeted retention strategies tailored to your company's challenges.

  • Streamlining Communication: Implement channels for feedback and clear conflict resolution processes.

  • Championing a Positive Culture: Ensure your vision and values translate into the everyday employee experience.

We help you foster:

  • Growth Mindset: Encourage development and build strong leaders from within.

  • Inclusive Environment: Cultivate a culture where everyone feels valued and seen.

  • Focus on Well-Being: Implement initiatives that support work-life balance.

The Result? A loyal, motivated workforce committed to your shared goals.


Data-Driven HR Strategy:

Unlock Insights, Optimize Performance

In today's fast-paced market, HR decisions shouldn't be guesswork. Your Fractional CHRO will help you:

  • Harness Your Data: Identify the right KPIs and build systems to track what matters for informed decision-making.

  • Spot Trends, Plan Ahead: Use workforce analytics to address talent gaps and predict future needs proactively.

  • Performance Excellence: Design effective review processes and empower managers with coaching tools for better results.

Our Approach:

  • Customized Systems: We build performance management tools tailored to your company's needs.

  • Data for Everyone: Provide training to ensure insights are understood and acted upon across the organization.

  • Strategic Focus: Go beyond numbers to translate data into actions that fuel growth.


Build Your Dream Team: Talent Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Performers

In today's tight talent market, you need more than job postings to compete. Our fractional CHRO is your partner in:

  • Crafting a Compelling Employer Brand: Elevate your messaging to stand out and attract the right candidates.

  • Build a Talent Profile: Think beyond a job description; if you could envision the perfect candidate, who would it be? An effective talent profile will help you fine-tune your ideal candidate quickly.

  • Strategic Talent Sourcing: Find hidden talent pools and build a strong pipeline for critical roles.

  • The Perfect Fit: Develop interview and assessment tools to select people who align with your values and culture.

  • Keeping Them Engaged: Create compensation plans, growth opportunities, and a positive work environment that makes employees want to stay.

We Help You Build and Nurture a High-Performance Team


Protect Your Company with Proactive Compliance & Strategic Policies

Don't let HR violations drain your resources and hurt your reputation. Your fractional CHRO keeps you up-to-date on the evolving legal landscape and proactively develops custom policies, including:

  • Employee Classification: Avoid costly misclassification penalties and ensure clarity for workers.

  • Workplace Safety: Implement comprehensive policies to create a safe and healthy working environment.

  • Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Prevention: Protect your employees and mitigate your company's liability with clear guidelines.

  • Labor Law Updates: Stay ahead of changes and adapt your policies for continuous compliance.

More Than Rules: Build a Protected, Productive Workplace

  • Customized Handbooks: Communicate expectations to set your team up for success.

  • Compliance Training: Equip managers and staff to make sound, legally informed decisions.

Let's discuss how a Fractional Chief People Officer can help!

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